Bitcoin is the world's largest crypto-currency. In certain situations, it is a suitable alternative to the normal government's money like Euros or U.S. Dollars. Some people consider Bitcoin to be a digital gold. In our Progressbar hackerspace many people are focused on Bitcoins, have lectures/workshop on this subject and analyze the technical, economic and legislative aspects of using crypto-currencies.

If you are just starting with Bitcoin, we recommend you look at one of the following lectures:

Presentation of Project Know-How (less technical presentation that analyzes Bitcoin from different perspectives. The discussion has an audio bug at project know-how). Lecturer Juraj Bednar. Slides from Know-How presentation can be seen here.

Presentation from Košice, Bezadis project (more technical presentation. Java required for video streaming, slides can be seen here). Lecturer Juraj Bednar

Another presentations from Progressbar (Juraj Bednar: English, Slovak, Bitcoin update of January 2012).

On 9th May 2012 we organized Bitcoin workshop in Progressbar with the following presentations:

Juraj Karpiš - Money monopoly - a space for alternative inelastic currencies

Juraj Bednar - Technical principles of Bitcoin

Pavol Lupták - Bitcoin taxation