TIK Art Radio Days - 6th till 11th of September 2011

Od pavol lupták

COL-ME (Bratislava, Slovakia) invites radio makers, collectives and radio stations to take part in the making of a temporary radio station scheduled according to wind-time - our very own TIK Radio, to be transmitting over the TIK Radiodays from the 6th - 11th of September 2011.
TIK Radiodays is part of TimeInventorsKabinet, a project dealing with alternative time control systems, investigating into time relations within biological and circumstantial ecologies. Within the frame of this project wind-time was established, that we take as a base for measuring a new time.

Wind-time is time, that is not based on a regular intervall like a second is, but rather on the fact if wind blows or does not blow. Therefore it cannot be forseen, when the radioshow actually starts (starting time) and/or ends (length). With this event we would like to break the idea of time-based and time-related media and free it from its horrible boundaries of seconds, minutes and hours.
See the original concept here.

For contributors we have various approaches, how you can participate without screwing up your regular schedule(s) while a special unit in Bratislava is taking the adventorous approach from the 6th to the 11th of September.
How can you contribute?

Radio makers and collectives
Pre-prepare or do live one or more radioshows or code a patch using data from the wind-time clocks.

The adventurous approach: the start and/or lenght of your show will be announced by wind steered time The cushioned approach: the show will start at a given (classical) time and last given length

The TIK project runs a video and sound archive - padma - storing content made during workshops and working meetings. You might submit even unfinished small pieces or sounds into Padma (to be used by other participants), or use existing sound files in your show.

Radio stations
Consider providing us with 3-30 minutes of your airtime (or more) to transmit shows done by collectives.

The adventurous approach: the start and/or duration of the TIK Radio slot will be defined by wind (and therefore involves unexpected changes in your radio schedule) The cushioned approach: the start and/or duration of the TIK Radio slot has a fixed (classical) time

TIK Radio will be transmitting over internet and apart from streaming shows submitted and done live there will be a constant static stream for the whole duration of the project.
If you are interested to be part of the special unit in Bratislava and/or want to contribute in any other way or have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Deadline for sumbissions: 15th of august 2011
Contact: callme@col-me.info