Rent a Space for Your Events

meetup space in bratislava downtown meetup space in bratislava downtown

Our venue is 231 mΒ² in Dunajska 14, at the heart of Bratislava. The space can comfortably accommodate 80 people.

As a non-profit that cares about technology, we try to incentivize tech communities in Bratislava, by allowing them to use the venue for free for their events.

As a non-profit that needs to pay rent and bills, we also need funding!

Any donations are welcome. Without donations, we won't be able to keep the familiar hackerspace spirit a lot of people in Bratislava are seeking, and offer these kinds of services.

We hold 150+ events, meetups and workshops yearly.

Our suggestion is a voluntary donation of 200€-400€ for every evening, depending on what you or your community can afford and how much you'll be using the space.

Thanks for the help! πŸ₯°πŸ™

machine learning bratislava meetup in coworking space study group in coworking

Equipment in our space for your event

  • We can scale up to 80 sitting spots

  • We have for you fullHD (1080p) projector w/ Chromecast & HDMI πŸ“½

  • We have head microphone & hand microphone with mixpult 🎀

  • We have high quality filtered water πŸš°β›²οΈ for audience (UV lamp, carbon filter, antibacterial, reverse osmosis)

  • We have A/C ❄️ for your event

  • We have silent space for your event

  • We have 2x 1000W speakers πŸ”Š

  • For music we have ChromeCast Audio (play directly your Spotify playlist)

  • Extra Service - catering

  • Available setups - theatre, learning session, custom

Do you have any other questions about our venue?
Contact us at [email protected], directly through Facebook Messenger or through our Telegram channel.

If you're organizing an event in our space