It is our goal to provide an innovative networking platform, free gathering space and resources for those devoted to hacking, 3D printing, electronics, arduino, programming, security, life-hacking, travelling, freedom-seeking and networking with like minds. Our mission is to gather smart people and grow together with them.

Progressbar - Share. Explore. Learn. Create.

Why did we create Progressbar?

In almost every large city, there is at least one hackerspace: a place where curious people meet and experiment with electronics, programming, hacking, 3D printing and inventing various “life-hacks”. There was no such space in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2009, but we had a feeling that it is possible to gather an amazing community of people who would like to create it from scratch. We knew it would work when we could not fit into a coffeeshop where we held our initial preparation meetings. And now our vision is true.

How does Progressbar work?

Even though we changed our physical location several times, Progressbar is a stable place for curious minds with a pull towards interesting projects or undiscovered knowledge. We are a physical place with a lab, lecture room and social area with kitchen.

We have talks and discussions about everything - from intelligent and cheap travel to interplanetary travel. We organize workshops where you could learn how to solder, invent new electronic devices, hack and program computers, create physical objects on 3D printers or how to turn off any TV. You can learn how to use alternative cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - and then try them out! You can meet new people at networking events.

Entry is free for almost all Progressbar events, but we gladly accept voluntary donations - denominated in euros or Bitcoin:).

What are the benefits of visiting?

Change your usual environment for an inspiring place, where everyone has 10 more projects that they can handle all the time and yet they love to meet new people, invent some more projects and work on them with friends. You can meet mad scientists, hackers, fantasy fans or travel ninjas. You can learn what’s new on the dark site of the web, how to manufacture objects you create on the computer using a sophisticated low-cost 3D printers.

We look for people who like to help others and help organize few events a year that improve our skills.

Help us and help yourself!

Help us build a community of self-responsible, curious people who like to teach and learn, explore, improve and hack everything, including life itself. Support us by visiting any of our amazing events (you’ll love them) or join our team.

Our goal is to expand our membership base to 40 active members who would help us build and improve this amazing place on earth.

We invite anyone to visit and participate - even if you are not a member!