WorkShop: ELEctro-acouStic SouNd art productioN For WoMEN


Saturday, 14 January 2017 – 13:00 to 19:00

ProgressBar Hackerspace, Dunajská 7495/14, Bratislava, Slovensko

In this workshop female participants will learn how to produce their own sound works, using their own recordings (recorded in the workshop), and further processing and presenting them using Ableton Live. e mentor will focus on Musique Concrète techniques mixed with electronic sound production. is electro-acoustic workshop uses Delia Derbyshire and John Cage’s works as intellectual and sonic reference points.
In the rst day we will an introduction to sound art production with examples and videos. We will also learn the basic knowledge for doing recordings, the basic skills from Abelton Live and how to start a rst sound archive.
On the second day we will explore only Ableton Live in more detail. Audio E ects, Instruments, Recor- ding, Audio-Editing and audio mixdowns. All participants will create a 10 minute sound art composi- tion by themselves using all the elements learned in this second shot.
You do not need any previous knowledge to join this workshop!
Please bring an usb, a laptop with Ableton Live already installed. Also heapphones. We provide the rest.