JSBA: Monthly JavaScript in Bratislava


Wednesday, 21 February 2018 – 18:45 to 20:40

ProgressBar Hackerspace, Dunajská 7495/14, Bratislava, Slovensko

Join us at the first JSBA meetup!

IMPORTANT: This event is still in Michalska 3!

By coming you agree to accept the JSBratislava Code of Conduct, which simply asks to keep conversation comfortable for everyone

You can still submit a talk for either spots! Just send me an email with what your talk is about and maybe a link to your github profile or any relevant information, and we'll come back to you within 10 hours. The range of the topics is vast, so don't worry if you think it might be slightly off-topic. Node/V8, Vue/React/Angular, DevTools, Espruino, history and similar are all very welcome topics

If you're thinking about joining, please say so in the facebook event or send me an email, so we can get better estimates and make the experience better for everyone.


18:45 - Doors Open

Come up to enjoy the company and snacks

19:00 - Introduction

Take some time to sit down while an introduction to JSBA is made

19:05 - Main Talk

React, the weird parts: what do Flappy Bird and the Oculus have in common? - Pavel Struhar

19:45 - Break

Have a chat and get a few drinks while the next presenter sets up

19:55 - Lightning Talks

5-7 min talks to get you excited about various topics

  1. Codepen Plug
  2. NextJS (React): do you even SSR bro?  - Ondrej Maksi
  3. Moleculer: express devs hate it! 1 easy framework to make microservices easy - David Frtala
  4. Flux (to be finalized)

[optional] Show and Tell

If there is some time at the end, we'd like to have a show and tell session. If there's anything javascript related you'd like to share with the rest of the community, try to message me before the event, also with a url so we can keep a tab open for it :D
You can also decide on the day. Look for me :)

You can share an interesting web dev tool/framework you found, a codepen you're particularly proud of, or some other crazy js-related fact. They can last anywhere from 20 seconds to 4 minutes

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for JSBA!

20:30 Wrap Up and Pub

After the talks, if you have some questions for the speakers or simply want to chat some more, you can join us at a local pub and have a meal if you hadn't already


Will it feel like work?

No. You come here to laugh, and only then to learn, and only after that to network. We're going to do our best to stick to this when picking the talks

Do I need to pay?

There's no entrance fee, but please consider giving a donation to ProgressBar when you come, so we can have better events in the future.

How do I contact you?

If you'd like to suggest a talk, ask a question, or anything else, email me at matei@copot.eu, or find me at ProgressBar almost anytime.

What language will the talks be in?

We'd like to keep it as foreign-friendly as possible, so the talks will be in english, and we ask you to also speak english when possible

I don't know JS, can I come?

Absolutely! Even if you might not get some of the terms, jumping right into it is a great way to learn about it, and you'll have plenty of time to ask others to clear up some confusions you might have during the break and at the pub