Bitcoin Trhy 2014

Bitcoin Bratislava

Thursday, 29 May 2014 – 15:00 to 21:00

ProgressBar Hackerspace, Dunajská 7495/14, Bratislava, Slovensko

Matúš Pošvanc (Foundation F.A. Hayek) - BTC - jeho budúcnosť pod vplyvom štátu - scenáre vývoja
Peter Surda - Why is Bitcoin misunderstood: hierarchical vs. decentralised structure of society
Samuel Kovac ( - Why is bitcoin best option for customers and merchants
Andreas Petersson (Mycelium) - Future of mobile wallets
Marian Jančuška - Owner of Bitcoin ATMs in Bratislava
Mike Gogulski - soon

Also there will be two Bitcoin ATMs to Buy Bitcoins from
One Lamassu and one BATMOne. will support us with food, because they are accepting bitcoins for the food as well. will bring android devices and we would like show you how to use Bitcoin wallets as well.

Help Us, spread word about event.

We are still accepting CFP from speakers :)

Doors will be open from 14:00

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