Beyond Human Nature - William Gillis: transhumanist, hacker, physicist, activist and other things

William Gillis

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 – 19:00 to 20:00

ProgressBar Hackerspace, Dunajská 7495/14, Bratislava, Slovensko

Will will give an informal, participatory discussion on transhumanism, anarchy, physics, hacking, the rise of the surveillance state (and how to kill it, profitably), and who knows what else. Mike Gogulski has promised to give TWO FREE UNICORNS to everyone who attends!

We will be at ProgressBar at 18.00. The talk starts at 19.00, and will last as long as YOU want it to.

Just like you, William Gillis in an irreducible complexity. We like unordered lists, though, so here are some facts about Will:

  • Fellow and blogmaster for the Center for a Stateless Society (
  • Blows your mind every few paragraphs at his blog,
  • Tweets at
  • Programmer, systems administrator and IT security player
  • Second-generation anarchist and member of several anarchist collectives
  • Comes to Bratislava for the first time via the Chaos Computer Camp, Berlin, and Vienna
  • Has seen the high and low, and never lets go
  • Eats Bitcoins for breakfast
  • Occasionally says things like "I obsessively analyze complex systems and hate seeing minds confined" and "Fuck you, I'm a floating metal sphere".