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Od pavol lupták

The Bratislavian organisation COL-ME is currently working on a project called TIK - Time Inventors' Kabinet. This is a collaborative project between three major organisations: Okno, ESC, Graz and COL-ME Bratislava. In the project we are exploring new forms of time and urban ecologies with the help of new media.

In the presentation on the 2nd of December in progressbar we would like to introduce the parts happening in Bratislava and see, whether people are interested to participate/contribute on certain aspects of the projects. This evening should not be a mere presentation, but also a discussion with people, interested in technologies, physicaly computing and other stuff, that we are working on within the project, or maybe come up with new aspects for the project!

* the windclocks Last month we started to construct windclocks - devices, that measure wind, with which help we will develop a new time. The mills get connected via arduino boards to the computer, which sends the raw data to a server, where it is interpreted by an application. We are in the middle of the process looking not only into the physical part, but also on the server site, we have to prepare the scripts, think of interpretation of (random) data coming in, and how to make time out of that. More info: Together with our partner organisatoins we also think of different ways of measurements - like via webcam instead of arduino boards, as well as using beagleboards instead of arduinos.

* the radio transmitter COL-ME will deal to a big extent with alternative radio broadcasting. a movable transmitter with a wider range, than the microtransmitters, would give us the possibility to realize a moving radio station. being a low level and low tech device, we can think of building it ourselves. a portable device for bycicles, to use it for other events like the critical mass, bratislava, would be a nice feature. currently we are in contact with people, doing microtransmitter soldering workshops.

* the video database within the project we work with a special videodatabase - padma. it is programmed in python and gives the possibility for collaborative annotating videos, adding subtitles and other things. check out: More info on the project generally:

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