progressbar opening party :: evening program

Od An Chaosdroid

Progressbar has a new and stable shiny place. And this is the party to festively open it.
The opening event takes places on 18 to 19 February, and consists of lectures, presentations, audio-video performances and DJ sets.
The evening program is as follows:

Friday 18.02 :: starting at 20.00
asebest & stoolchart :: liveact +DJ set; visuals chaosdroid
pjoni :: live act
vladimir lenhart :: live act; visuals GND
drakh :: DJ set

Saturday 19.02 :: starting at 21:00
::.: + v100-a30 zden :: an audio-video performance
chaosdroid + pstmn :: an udio-video performance
pstmn :: DJ set
detlef dakar :: DJ set

for details on space location and how to get there:
for details on lectures:

Come and support Progressbar. and have fun!