Frantisek Apfelbeck - Food Hacking at the Progressbar Opening Party

Od pavol lupták

Hey, we have another presentation for Progressbar Opening Party on Saturday 19.2.2011 at 17:00!

Frantisek Apfelback
- Food Hacking

To food hack means to improve and update traditional ways of food preparations or creating completely new ones. Food is crucial part of our life which has an enormous effect on it's quality. Harnessing the energy of hacker movement and focusing it on our nourishment will result in revolutionising of the field.

Deeper understanding of physical properties of these sources of energy is combined with usage of current technology to improve these techniques of food preparation. The goal is to increase nourishing effects and make the preparation more simple and less time consuming. It is however crucial to understand that the psychological part of “eating” is no less important. Fully focusing on eating, creating new food designs, realizing how unique source of energy food is is very important. It is clear that the increase of the quality of the food culture in the hacker movement will contribute a lot to the movement. Preparing and eating meal together unite communities. I help to promote food hacking around the hacker communities, with focus on life-foods or fermentations. I'm giving theoretical background and showing practical applications based on my experience. I believe that paying more attention to food, will reconnect us with nature and help us to set up a more environmentally friendly concept of life decreasing stress and many other “civilization problems”.