Od daniel hromada

In its primordial conception, Bratislava’sHackinUniversity (BHU) is a Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ). The fact that BHU is a TAZ implies that BHU appears and disappears in time and space in a seemingly unpredictable way. More concretely : BHU is like a freeparty, pirate island or a good orgy – it (re)emerges in a sudden burst of inspiration&elan vital, (re)accomplishes its objectives and (re)vanishes without a trace.

There are two main objectives of BHU :

to familiarize the wider public to philosophy & methods inherent to activity called ‘hacking’

to find out WTF these «  philosophy & methods inherent to activity called ‘hacking’ » truly are

It may seem surprising, on the first sight, that the members of BHU aim to familiarize the wilder public (i.e. objective 1) with a topic which they themselves are just trying to clarify (i.e. objective 2). This is, nonetheless consistent with the basic maxime of BHU which is : We Learn by Teaching.

As of 2010, BHU is considered to be one of few work groups of first slovak hackerspace ProgressBar. During the BHU’s introductory session, these topics were specified as principal subdomains of BHU’s interest :

hacking of physical systems ( lockpicking, electromagnetic gadgetry, transistor overloading etc)

hacking of artificial systems ( phreakin, crackin, robohackin )

hacking of hearts & minds ( facial expressions, neorhetorics, rhytm&tones )

hacking of brains (Brain-Computer Interfaces, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Psychedelics)

hacking of suprapersonal systems (Social&cultural engineering, Psychowarfare, Linguistic evolution)

hacking of eco-systems ( genetics, ecology, economy )

As we have already stated, ultimate objective of BHU is to destillate a unique philosophy of hacking which is implicitely contained in activities related to 6 disciplines listed hereby. But before entering into technical problems of these subdomains, it is preferable to dedicate some time to deontological & moral aspects of the hacking activity, since as we all see more and more clearly - especially after the wikileaks affair - , the impact of hacking upon a man, nature and society cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, BHU’s Christmas session will be dedicated to the subject without knowledge of which one cannot be not a successful hacker, nor a realized human being. That subject is, of course, Ethics...